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Montage Publishers
Proprietor.Mr Michael S.Wright.
3.Velution Street.Goondi Hill. Queensland. 4860.
Telephone:(07) 40614211. Mobile:0402-622-950.


Website address :

Registration number:BN18104034.

Montage Publishers
is a sole proprietor business run by Mr Michael S. Wright situated in the Far north of  Queensland. I have been here in business for 9. years producing a number of quality Newsletters and small run Periodicals such as membership newsletters for Disadvantaged and Not for Profit organisations on a regular agreement with Sponsor Ship / advertising.

Q.1. Where is Montage Publishers situated?

A.1 Montage Publishers is situated at 3. Velution Street. Goondi Hill. Queensland.4860.Which is under the Cassowary Coast Regional Council 87.2.Km south from the City of Cairns in the Far north of Queensland. 4870. The reason that my business is situated in Goondi Hill. Queensland. 4860. Is because Goondi Hill is a small quiet country town that offers the facilities, amenities and contacts for a Printer / sponsor such as myself for running a small Home / office publishing  business and economically printing good quality newsletters and brochures on regular intervals for Disadvantaged and various other Not for Profit organisations and Associations, Australia Wide.

Q. 2. Who would be the organisations that would need my type of business?

A.2. Montage Publishers is ideally suited to organisations that have no Printing budget, but would like a business such as Montage Publishers to produce and print their Newsletters, Yearly reports  and membership Subscription /newsletters in  regular intervals, by allowing Montage Publishers to propose to prospective advertisers to sponsor / advertise  in a limited way in such reader audience interest  newsletters.
Of which the revenue from the sponsor / advertiser that advertise in these newsletters would pay for  the printing charges of these newsletters in all.

Q.3. What would such organisation benefit from?

A.3. Most organisations that have no printing budget can have their printing requirements solved by having a Printer / sponsor such as Montage Publishers print their newsletters,  by finding limited quality  sponsorship / advertising for such newsletters as Yearlies, Bi-annuals and member subscribed newsletters on a regular basis.

Advertisers that advertise in such newsletters would have a reader audience interest in the reader at the same time understand maintaining the public image and  integrity of such organisations and their newsletters at all times. 

Q.4. Who would the Sponsor advertisers be?

A.4. The Sponsor / advertiser would be an advertiser with an advertising message for the reader audience of that particular newsletter, this would serve as not only proper information for the reader, but would on most occasions serve as good information for the text of that particular edition of the newsletter.

Q.5. How many Sponsor / advertisers would there be in each edition of the newsletter?

A.5. In a typical 12. Page A.4. size newsletter, there would be Two pages set aside for sponsorship / advertising, making the newsletter consist of 10. pages of articles and text and (1. Separate page printed both sides) anywhere in the Newsletter of sponsor / advertising messages. 

Q.6. How many copies of the newsletter can an organisation have printed?

A.6. Montage Publishers could at the moment afford to print between 1000 and 1500. newsletter copies per quartile on an A4. Size page of 150 gsm art gloss printing paper, with all newsletters printed in full colour throughout. 

Q.7. How can such print ready Newsletter / documents be sent into Montage Publishers for Printing? 

A.7. Montage Publishers does require of interested organisations and clients to communicate with my business first, though all print  ready Newsletter documents files e.g  (Pdf Files) would be sent to Montage  Publishers email address, with the turn around period being from the  final  signing of date to being printed and delivered to the organisation a time period of  between 5 to 10 working days . 

Q.8. Is there a written "Printing and Publishing agreement" that organisations do have to enter into for the mutual benefit and acceptance of both organisation and sponsor / printer?

A.8. It is neccessary that organisations wanting to go ahead  with such a "Printing and Publishing agreement". Would be sent the agreement for their inspection and reading before the agreement would be signed by both the organisation and the sponsor / printer.

Q.9. How long can an organisation have their newsletters printed with a "Printing and Publishing agreement" by Montage Publishers? 

A.9. The "Printing and Publishing agreement" of newsletters between the organisation and Montage Publishers would be for a period of either, Three years , Five Years or Six Years.

Q. 10. How can Montage Publishers be contacted?

A.10. Montage  Publishers.
Proprietor. Mr. Michael S.Wright. can be  contacted by email:
Printer/Sponsor Or Telephone:[07] 40614211.
Website address:
3.Velution Street.Goondi Hill. Queensland. 4860.
Registration number:BN18104034.

Q.11.How can an organisation view an example of what Montage Publishers has Published?

A. 11. The "File Download Tab" on this Website will give you an example of  the type of work that Montage Publishers has published and if hard copies are required of other works then do Contact Montage Publishers on E-mail

Up - dated the 5th of  November 2013.



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